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Get Charged Up at
The Shot Bar

Are you feeling rundown but don’t have time for an IV? Get charged up at The Shot Bar.

The Shot Bar offers exclusive, customizable nutrient booster SHOTS and DRIP TONICS that are sure to rejuvenate and recharge you. Simply have a seat at the bar and choose your shot or tonic. A nurse will give you a quick and easy shot in the arm while you enjoy your tonic in our branded shot glass.

Many of our injections and tonics also help with common health complaints such as mood enhancement, allergies, immunity, stress, hormonal health and low libido. Our shots and tonics are completely natural and can give you the boost in mental and physical performance that you desire. For or a complete list of our shots and tonics, check the appropriate section on our website.

Don’t feel like getting a shot? The Shot bar also offers nebulized vitamin treatments that you simply sit and INSPIRE in.

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