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Improve-Drip IV Add Ons

Supercharge any one of our drips with a variety of different IV enhancers. Our enhancers are formulated to include either single, or a combination of various advanced IV grade homeopathic formulas. These remarkably powerful formulas are based on 3 simple principles

Drainage & Detox. The system must be open, cleaned out and able to receive regenerative and supportive nutrients in order to breathe properly and regenerate. This aspect we call drainage and detox. Drainage is opening the valves to let the toxins flow out, while detox is more of a deeper cleaning process. It addresses both extra-cellular and intra-cellular aspects of the cell & tissue. This step is like cleaning the floor before waxing, don’t want to wax in the garbage.

Regeneration. This is providing all the components necessary for the cell and tissue to be properly nourished, supported and energized so it may heal, regenerate, grow, function and eventually perpetuate at optimum levels. We achieve this by introducing system specific nutrients for both extra and intra cellular support, in exacting concentrations for the most effective impact.

Oxygenation. This category represents to us the functions of respiration, Krebs cycle activity, enzymes, catalyst and all aspects which help the system or cell to breathe, produce energy or instil life into the system. If oxygenation is going on, then so is life, flow and movement.

Pick one, or a combination of the following enhancers to truly amplify the healing power of your drip.

These IV enhancers are either added directly into the Drip or given as a quick IV push and are designed to work synergistically with the existing ingredients. This allows patients to customize any drip to address their individual needs.
Our Drip Add Ons