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DMPS is a salt that binds heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead and others.  DMPS is the ideal agent to detox patients that have had mercury amalgams/fillings after the fillings have been removed.  Intravenous DMPS leads to dumping of large amounts of mercury in the urine.

– On the day of the last amalgam removal, the first DMPS push is given

-In patients who had the amalgam taken out months, years, or decades before, give the DMPS push as soon as heavy metal toxicity is suspected.

-With repeated treatments, cells joyfully start dumping the heavy metal content into the connective tissue

-Treatments are repeated in order to prevent the redistribution of metals back into the cells and to deplete the body burden of heavy metals

-Suspected mercury toxicity
-As a treatment to remove mercury post amalgam removal
-Neurological disease