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$149 each OR Available in packages at a discounted price. 500mL 3 hours

Intravenous chelation therapy, a simple office procedure using ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) reverses and slows the progression of athero/arteriosclerosis and other age-related and degenerative diseases. Symptoms affecting many different parts of the body often improve, for reasons that are not yet fully understood. Blood flow increases in blocked coronary arteries to the heart, to the brain, to the legs, and all throughout the body. Heart attacks, strokes, leg pain and gangrene can be avoided using this therapy. Need for bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty often disappears after chelation. Published research also shows that chelation therapy acts as a preventive against cancer.

–¬†EDTA infusion bonds with unwanted minerals & metals in the body and quickly carries them away in the urine therby cleansing blood, vessels, organs and improving metabolic and circulatory function

-Abnormally situated nutritional metals, such as iron, along with toxic elements such as lead, mercury and aluminum are easily removed by EDTA chelation therapy.

–¬†Repeated administrations of EDTA gradually reduce atherosclerotic plaque buildup


-Prevention of athero/arteriosclerosis
-High blood pressure
-Autoimmune conditions
-heart disease
-Stroke prevention
-Removing toxic metals
-Improving circulation
-Anti Aging
-Many chronic illnesses

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