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Slimmer Down

Slimmer Down

$99 250mL Est 30 mins & $149.00 500mL est 1 hour

It’s true that we gain weight when we eat more than we can burn off. But this conventional diet wisdom does not always hold true. Weight gain can also be caused by a number of health conditions such as hypothyroidism that slow down metabolism.  Losing weight can be very difficult unless you take steps to raise your metabolism. Even lowering your caloric intake won’t help until you raise your metabolism.  The Slimmer Down Drip is a quick and easy way to boost your metabolism so you can burn off that stubborn fat.

  • Balances thyroid and adrenals
  • Increases resting metabolic rate
  • Lipotropics for fat loss
  • Carnitine for fat loss and energy
  • Metabolic & Energetic Boost
  • Reduction in Excess Body Fat
  • Weight Loss
  • Improving energy
  • Detox add on