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$99 250mL $149.00 500mL

Feel like a superhero with this nutrient-packed drip.  Fatigue has become an epidemic. People are overworked, over stressed and under rested.  Eating healthy becomes an afterthought.  You start skipping meals and grab whatever’s quick and convenient to eat.  After years of this stress, poor nutrition and lack of sleep, you can end up extremely exhausted all the time. This can lead to more serious and detrimental health problems over the long term. The Superman drip revitalizes the adrenals, balances male hormones and rejuvenates the mitochondria to abolish fatigue.

-Increases mental and physical energy reserves
-B-vitamins for stress reduction and energy
-Taurine and Carnitine for energy production
-High dose VitC and B5 for adrenal gland support
-Homeopathics for male hormonal balance

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Vitamin deficiencies