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Having trouble focussing?  Do you need a jumpstart your brain before an exam? Do you have brain fog that you can’t shake? Is your memory slipping? The Mastermind IV is for you.  With the growing incidence of neurological diseases such as Dementia, MS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, it’s vitally important to take good care of your brain.  The Mastermind IV provides a blend of vitamins and nutrients that increase energy and blood flow to the brain thus improving brain function and facilitating cellular repair.

-Alpha GPC improves memory and focus while coating and repairing brain cells
-Glutathione is given to repair oxidative damage caused by free radicals
-Antioxidants such as VitC, Zinc and selenium
-Improves mood, decreases brain fog and increases nerve impulses

-Memory enhancement
-Post stroke recovery
-Brain fog
-Any situation requiring mental clarity
-Improving mental health
-Neurodegenerative diseases

  • Brain Balance Add-on
  • Inflammation Add-on