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The Fit Drip

The Fit Drip


This IV is specifically designed with the athlete in mind. From muscle soreness, dehydration and fatigue to possible nutrient deficiencies, The Fit Drip is a valuable treatment for anyone looking for a competitive advantage. The fact is that most athletes don’t maintain a balanced nutrient dense diet.  Coupled with the fact that nutrient requirements are intensified during exercise, nutrient deficiencies can develop and severely compromise athletic performance.  The Fit Drip helps prevent micronutrient deficiencies most commonly seen in athletes while rehydrating, replenishing and repairing the body.

-Magnesium and other electrolytes to improve muscle contraction and endurance
-B vitamins for energy production, nervous system health and mental focus
-Vit C and amino acids for muscle recovery, repair and collagen synthesis
-Promotes mitochondrial energy output
-Immune support
-Designed to rehydrate and replenish
-Alpha GPC, arginine and glutamine to stimulate Growth Hormone production
-Antioxidants to scavenge free radicals and boost glutathione

-Athletes in any sport and any type of exercise
-Pre or Post exercise

  • Energy Add-on
  • Inflammation Add-on